Stanford University The Martin Luther King, Jr., Research and Education Institute
Volume I, 18 February 1948

Volume I Table of Contents

Transcriptions are intended to reproduce the source document accurately, adhering to the exact wording and punctuation of the original. In general, errors in spelling, punctuation, and grammar have been neither corrected nor indicated by [sic].

From Charles E. Batten

18 February 1948
[Chester, Pa.]

My Dear Mr. King:

I was very happy to receive your application for admission to the Crozer Theological Seminary together with the material enclosed with it. Your transcript has arrived. As soon as I hear from your references, I shall let you know officially concerning your admission to Crozer. I trust everything will work out satisfactorialy for you to be a student with us.

With all good wishes, I am


Charles E. Batten


Mr. Martin L. King, Jr.
193 Boulevard N.E.
Atlanta, Georgia


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