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Volume I, 18 June 1944

Volume I Table of Contents

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To Alberta Williams King

18 June 1944
Simsbury, Conn.

After receiving a letter from his mother, King informs her of his activities in Connecticut, which included leading student religious services. He refers to his brother, A. D., and his sister, Christine. King asks that Christine inform him of his Morehouse admission test results. Mrs. Phoebe Burney was dean of women at Clark College and a member of Ebenezer.

Dear Mother Dear:

I recieved your letter to-day and was very glad to hear from you.

Yesterday we didn's work so we went to Hardford we really had a nice time there. I never though that a person of my race could eat anywhere but we [strikeout illegible] ate in one of the finest resturant in Hardford. And we went to the largest shows there. It is really a large city. Tell A. D. I hope him luck in summer school. Be sure to tell Christine write me and tell me about the test while you are gone. On

On our way here we stoped in Spartinburgh S.C. and it is a pretty large place. And we also many large ships some as large as the Bethel Church and larger we also saw many airplanes. We went under the Hudson river and entered New York. It is the largest place I have ever seen in my life. We might go there the 4 of July or either Boston Mass they are both near here. The sun has begun to get pretty hot, But that is not the begaining they {say} it is going to be so hot here in July that you can hardely take it but I am going to take in some dayhow.

I am very I didn't tell you about the locks but I just forget it. I received and thank you very much. My job in the kitchen is very easy I just do the extra work I give out the lunches and serve what ever they have to drink. Please send me Mrs. Burney's address and other members.

As head of the religious Dept. I have to take charge of the Sunday service I have to speak from any text I want to. Be sure to send me my Drivers ticket.

Mother dear I want you to send me some fried chikens and rolls it will not be so much. And also send my brown shoes the others have worn out.

Mother I cant send but ten dollars home this week because they took out for railroad fare and boad it will be the same for the next two week. We are going to get a raise to five or six dollar in July.

Your Son

[signed] M. L.


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