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Volume I, 1 April 1939

Volume I Table of Contents

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In Memoriam

1 April 1939
Atlanta, Ga.

Eight years after the death of A. D. Williams, his influence remained strong in the family. His widow, his daughter, and his three grandchildren published this poem to his memory in the Georgia Baptist, the official publication of the General Missionary Baptist Convention of Georgia.

Eight years ago you left us,
And the wound has never healed
From the shock of your sudden going,

And the loss time has revealed
We are striving hard to meet you
In heaven some sweet day,
Where we may dwell together once more
As the ages roll away.

Mrs. J. C. Williams, wife,
Mrs. Alberta Williams King, daughter,
Christine King
M. L. King, Jr.,
A. D. Williams King,

PD. Georgia Baptist, 1 April 1939.

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