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Volume I, 23 March 1948

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Brailsford R. Brazeal to Charles E. Batten

23 March 1948
Atlanta, Ga.

Brazeal, dean of men at Morehouse College, notes that King and another student (whose name was deleted for reasons of privacy) have "developed considerably" as undergraduates and that they will "mix well interracially."


Dean Charles E. Batten
Crozer Theological Seminary
Chester, Pennsylvania

Dear Dean Batten:

Your letter to President B. E. Mays about Mr. M. L. King and [name deleted] who are seniors at Morehouse College has been referred to my office for consideration because Dr. Mays is out of the city.

I regret that I can not at the moment let you know just where Messrs. King and [name deleted] rank in relationship to the other members of the senior class because we are not able to compile the list until the end of the present semester. We have checked on the record of each one of the men involved. Mr. King has a quality point average of 2.48 which is virtually midway between a "C" and a "B" average. [sentence deleted] I might state that these two young men have developed considerably since beginning their studies at Morehouse College. They had to work hard in order to overcome a comparatively weak high school background. I believe that Mr. King has succeeded in doing this to a slightly greater degree than has [name deleted] I believe that these young men will be able to take care of themselves scholastically and otherwise if they are given a chance to study at Crozer Theological Seminary, and I also believe that they will mix well interracially.

I am glad to recommend these applicants for the serious and favorable consideration of the Committee on Admissions. If you desire additional information about these young men please let me know.

With every kind wish, I am

Yours sincerely,

[signed as below]

B. R. Brazeal



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