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Volume I, 5 August 1944

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To Alberta Williams King

5 August 1944
Simsbury, Conn.

King notes that his friend Emmett Proctor ("Weasel"), who had joined him for the summer's work in Connecticut, has left for Washington, D.C. He refers to a preview of the Eighth Annual Musical of the Ebenezer Baptist Church choir, which was directed by his mother.Atlanta Daily World, 30 August 1944. The young men on the Connecticut tobacco farm raised funds for Morehouse in anticipation of a visit from the president, Benjamin E. Mays, and his wife, Sadie Mays. Years later King recalled his return to the segregated South: "It was a bitter feeling going back to segregation. It was hard to understand why I could ride wherever I pleased on the train from New York to Washington, and then had to change to a Jim Crow car at the nation's capital in order to continue the trip to Atlanta."

Dear Mother:

How are you all getting along. I am doing fine. I received your letter and was very glad to hear from home.

As you know Weasel left last week for Washington last week. I think season will close Sept the 9. I read the program of the musical and {I know} it was very good.

I dont think I will put you to the troble of sending The fried because I am getting pretty food here now. But I will go over to see the lady when I go to Harford. I wont have much time because we are working all day every Sunday and going bach overtime everyday.

Dr. May's of Morehouse and his wife will be here tonight he will speak to us. We took up money here for Morehouse and we raised [strikeout illegible] $135 we are going to present it to them tonight.

I am sending $25 home this week I had planed to send $30 every week but we are losing plenty of money because of rain. Will write again soon

[signed] M. L. Jr.


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