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Volume I, 9 March 1948

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Phoebe Burney to Charles E. Batten

9 March 1948
Atlanta, Ga.

Phoebe Burney, dean of women at Clark College, writes a letter of recommendation for King to Crozer Theological Seminary. Burney was a longtime friend of the King family and a member of Ebenezer Baptist Church. In 1955, King invited her to be the women's day speaker at Dexter Avenue Baptist Church.

Mr. Charles E. Batten, Dean
Crozer Theological Seminary
Chester, Pennsylvania

Dear Mr. Batten:

In reply to your inquiry concerning Martin Luther King, Jr., 193 Boulevard, N.E., Atlanta, Georgia, I am glad to be able to vouch for his mental ability, moral stamina and apparent sincerity in efforts expressive of the course, The Ministry, which he has chosen.

He is a hard worker, clear thinker, persistent searcher after the truth in any situation. I have seen him grow from home to school, college, community and finally to aid his father as Pastor's Assistant in Ebenezer Baptist Church, one of the largest fellowships in this city.

I feel he is deserving of consideration in his request for admission to Crozer Theological Seminary.

Sincerely yours,

[signed] Phoebe Burney

Mrs. John W. Burney
Dean of Women



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