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News Archive: 04/2008
Rev. Wright: Hero or indefensible egotist?
April 30, 2008
In an opinion article in the Philadelphpia Inquirer, Clarence Jones, scholar in residence at Stanford University's Martin Luther King Jr. Research and Education Institute, says that the reactions of the media and political pundits to Wright's remarks are reminders of how white America remains afflicted with amnesia with respect to its treatment of African Americans.
Liberation Curriculum staff members presented at the 2008 OAH Conference in New York City
April 29, 2008
Liberation Curriculum staff members and participating teacher, Emily Burton, presented the King Digital History Project at the 2008 Organization of American Historians (OAH) conference in New York City. Photo by Clayborne Carson.
Dr. Carson outlines the details of MLK’s life
April 23, 2008
Dr. Carson, addresses an audience of about 200 at the Renaissance Theatre as the 2008 Freedom and Social Justice speaker.
Carson Gives Keynote Address, Conference on Global Legacies of Nonviolence
April 17, 2008
at Oakton Community College in Skokie, Illinois.
Civil rights or human rights?
April 13, 2008
This new lesson, featured in the OAH Magazine of History, explores how the African American freedom struggle, better known as the civil rights movement, is part of the global movement for human rights in the 20th century.
King Assassination Anniversary, Morehouse College
April 11, 2008
Tibet torch relay rallies for freedom
April 11, 2008
Speaking to the Stanford Daily, Dr. Carson said that “the Dalai Lama is the person who best represents the nonviolent values of Martin Luther King and Gandhi.” He added, "if we do not pay attention to Tibet, then we are saying that nonviolent resistance doesn’t work.”
Dr. Carson Talks About “Economic Justice and King’s Religious Calling”
April 05, 2008
The Aurora Forum, Stanford University Read more.
The Aurora Forum: Global Solidarity, Human Rights, and the End of Poverty
April 05, 2008
To commemorate the fortieth anniversary of the assassination of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (1929-1968), the Aurora Forum joins with Stanford's King Institute to host a day-long conference on the struggle for economic justice.
Americans Reflect on Evolution of King’s Legacy
April 04, 2008
Dr. Clayborne Carson joins a panel of analysts who discuss King's complex legacy and how U.S. race relations have evolved since his death.
Martin Luther King Jr.: Continuing the Dream
April 04, 2008
Dr. Susan Englander, the Associate Director of The Martin Luther King Research and Education Institute, talks to the Washington Post about the work of Martin Luther King and what is being done today to further his mission
Dr. Carson Moderates King Assassination Anniversary Event
April 01, 2008
at New York's Riverside Church.
MLK Jr. Confidant Channels Him in New Book
April 01, 2008
In the book, What Would Martin Say? (Harper), co-written by Joel Engel, Clarence Jones, scholar in residence at Stanford University's Martin Luther King Jr. Research and Education Institute, posits what King might say about today's divisive issues.