Stanford University The Martin Luther King, Jr., Research and Education Institute
News Archive: 05/2008
Reverend Al Sharpton visits the King Institute
May 29, 2008
The Reverend Al Sharpton made a visit to the King Institute to interview Director Clayborne Carson.
Is that Saddam? A new statue of Martin Luther King, Jr. is raising hackles
May 28, 2008
Dr. Clayborne Carson, who advised the architects on their winning design for the national monument to the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., said that the pose was not intended to be confrontational, but to portray the strength of a man who in his lifetime led economic boycotts, spoke out against the Vietnam War, and led an unpopular campaign to create an "army of the poor" to engage in civil disobedience.
Clayborne Carson Gives Graduate Commencement Address, Niagara University
May 17, 2008
(Video) Drue Kataoka plays Precious Lord
May 08, 2008
At the 2006 Martin Luther King Research and Education Awards, Dr. Clayborne Carson introduced recipient Drue Kataoka, saying "Drue plans to play Precious Lord, and I thought that would be particularly reflect on Rosa Park's life and the continuing contributions of Coretta Scott King...Many of you also know that that was Dr. King's favorite song."
Dr. Carson to make commencement speech
May 04, 2008
Clayborne Carson, the director of the King Institute at Stanford, will speak at the graduate school’s commencement May 17 in the upper level of the Gallagher Center on the NU campus. The ceremony begins at 11 a.m.