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News Archive: 09/2008
Obama building bridges
September 22, 2008
MADURAI: “Black Americans are not subjects of history but participants in the making of history,” said Clayborne Carson.
Odds stacked against Barack Obama says Carson
September 22, 2008
Dr. Carson says that race and religion are strong drivers of mentalities of people, even youngsters.
Dr. Carson chats with students at Riverside School, Ahmedabad
September 15, 2008
Coffee at Riverside is a chat show organized and conducted by students of Riverside School, Ahmedabad. This week the show featured a conversation with Dr Clayborne Carson, the director of the Martin Luther King, Jr, Research and Education Institute at Stanford University.
For Stanford undergrads, Gandhigiri is quite relevant
September 09, 2008
A group of 15 undergraduate students from Stanford University, who are enrolled in Dr. Carson’s course 'Gandhi, King and Non-violence' at Stanford, are visiting Ahmedabad.
Liberation Curriculum takes a trip to the south with teachers from Alameda County
September 09, 2008
Teachers stand on the historic Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Alabama. Photos connected to this write-up by Clayborne Carson.