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News Archive: 08/2011
King Memorial Honors a Man Who Changed a Nation
August 30, 2011
Clayborne Carson, editor of the King's Papers and director of the Martin Luther King Jr. Research and Education Institute at Stanford University, tells USA Today that King "symbolizes a movement that changed America. Whatever people might say about whether the movement would have happened without him, it's clear that he was a central part of the movement." To read more about the King memorial and its relevancy to our national history, click on the title.
Behind the Image of the King Memorial
August 26, 2011
In a featured radio interview on CNN, Clay Carson and Bob Fitch reflect upon the relevancy and meaning of the stone monument soon to be dedicated on the Washington Mall. Click on the title to listen.
Clay Carson is Featured on the Michael Eric Dyson Show
August 26, 2011
In anticipation of the King Memorial dedication, the Michael Eric Dyson show focuses on the life and legacy of Dr. King. In this radio interview, Clay Carson analyzes the importance of the memorial and its relevancy to King's legacy. To listen to the interview, click on the title.
Martin Luther King, Jr. Events Calendar
August 25, 2011
Find out what is going on this week in regard to the opening and dedication of the MLK Memorial in Washington, D.C.
MLK Memorial Events Calendar
The Opening of the King Memorial, Article by Clarence Jones
August 25, 2011
King Institute Scholar-in-Residence, Clarence B. Jones, personal friend and adviser to Dr. King gives a personal account of his experience at the 1963 March on Washington.
In Tribute To Martin Luther King, Jr: The Opening Of The King Memorial
Designing the King Memorial
August 22, 2011
The unveiling of the King National Memorial will have special meaning for me, because I attended the 1963 March on Washington where King gave his “I Have a Dream” speech and contributed to the King Memorial’s initial design. On August 28 – the forty-eighth anniversary of the march – I’ll return to the National Mall to see the final result of a collaboration with ROMA that began in the spring of 2000.
U.S. District Judge Matthew J. Perry, Dead at 89
August 03, 2011
U.S. District Judge Matthew J. Perry, a formidable civil rights figure who used intelligence, work ethic and perseverance to end segregation in South Carolina, was found dead of natural causes at his home on Sunday. He would have turned 90 this week.