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Clayborne Carson on the passing of Dr. Vincent Harding
May 20, 2014

I was greatly saddened to hear today that “the Great Soul, Dr. Vincent Harding, left this world.” He was indeed an invaluable contributor to the African American freedom struggle and was one of the few remaining living links to the legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Vincent was a longtime friend and advisor (historical, political, spiritual) to me and many others who were fortunate enough to know this great scholar and mentor. He was a member of the national Advisory Board of the King Papers Project since its inception. During the 1960s, Vincent and his late wife Rosemarie had a close relationship with the King family,  who lived nearby in Atlanta. Vincent was a dedicated activist and was the person Martin chose to draft the first version of his controversial Riverside Church speech opposing the war in Vietnam. He was also close to many of the SNCC activists I knew, and shared Ella Baker’s belief that self-reliant grassroots leaders were essential to the destruction of the Jim Crow system of legalized racial segregation and discrimination.

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