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Genevieve Hughes Houghton, original CORE Freedom Rider, died Tuesday
October 04, 2012

Genevieve Hughes Houghton grew up outside of Washington D.C. and, after graduating from Cornell University, moved to New York City to work as a stockbroker. While in New York City, Houghton became involved in CORE in the 1950s and organized boycotts to protest segregation in the South. In 1960, she accepted a position with CORE and made activism a full-time commitment.

Houghton’s Freedom Ride encountered massive resistance including an attack by a mob near Anniston, Alabama during which the bus she was riding was fire-bombed.

To explain her decision to join the Freedom Ride Houghton stated, "I figured Southern women should be represented so the South and the nation would realize all Southern people do not think alike."

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