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Letter from Birmingham Jail
Assessment/Culminating Project
  1. Strategizing for Justice
    Identify an unjust law or policy in your school or community. Using the Montgomery bus boycott as a model, create a step-by-step plan to change the law or policy. Present the plan for causing systemic change to your class. You may want to use the Model for Social Change Handout as a guide.
  2. Constructing a Narrative:Create an illustrated timeline, exhibit, documentary, website, or textbook chapter about the Montgomery bus boycott. Make use of the documents and articles from the unit to create your narrative. The Montgomery Bus Boycott encyclopedia entry will also be useful. Be sure to cite your sources.
  3. Creating a Document Based Question:
    To create a sample Document Based Question you may use documents from this unit or find other documents from the search feature in the Liberation Community. Create an essay question which will asses students' knowledge of the period and will require analysis of the documents. The essential question, sub-questions or discussion questions are a good place to start. Be sure that the documents you provide to the students include various viewpoints and historical background useful for answering the essay question. If you do not want to create your own question, you may want to use the following:

    "Although King played a crucial role in transforming a local boycott into a social justice movement of international significance, he was himself transformed by a movement he did not initiate."

    Do you agree with the statement by historian Clayborne Carson? Support your answer with evidence.

  4. Writing a Film Critique:
    Watch the Eyes on the Prize segment on the Montgomery bus boycott. Does the documentary offer an accurate account of the Montgomery bus boycott? Answer this question in the form of a newspaper film review. Support your opinions with specific examples.


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