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Letter from Birmingham Jail
  Introduction: Project C Strategy Committee Role Play  

In this Role Play each of you will assume the role of the following participants in the Birmingham movement to end segregation; Martin Luther King Jr., Wyatt Walker, Fred Shuttlesworth and Ralph Abernathy.

As you participate in this activity, keep record of your decisions and reflection on the Project C Decision Chart. Once you have recorded your answers, continue to the next section.



  • Roleplay - Print version (PDF)
  • Newspapers
  • Photos
  Information for each segment was compiled from the KPP archives, King Encyclopedia and historian Taylor Branch’s Parting the Waters.  

Discuss the photo. Who is in the photo? What are King and Abernathy wearing? Why did they choose these clothes instead of the standard preacher’s blue suit? Describe the people walking behind them. How many people seem to be participating and how many are observing? Is there anything else that catches your attention?

Record your observations.

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