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Teacher Created KDHP Lessons
Anti-Communism and the African-American Freedom Struggle
This unit helps students understand how to compare primary sources to draw evidence-based historical conclusions and investigates the issue of alleged communism in the African-American Freedom Struggle. Author Emily Burton taught 10th grade World History at Santa Clara High School when she wrote this unit.
Dr. Martin Luther King: Beyond Civil Rights
In this unit, students will study Dr. King’s stance against the Vietnam War and its economic and social costs. By examining Dr. King’s evolving views on Vietnam and his treatment by the FBI, students will develop a deeper, more compassionate understanding of Dr. King. Author Bill Jeffers teaches at Mission San Jose High School.
School Integration and the Little Rock Crisis
This unit helps students understand the challenges faced by people who fought to integrate schools in the south in the 60s. Students become familiar with the role of young people like themselves in the African-American freedom struggle. Author Lara Burenin teaches at East Palo Alto Academy. She taught at Encompass Academy in Oakland when she wrote this unit.
Reflecting Ideas and Freedom in Music
This unit examines how African-Americans used music as a creative art form and reflective process to stay motivated and build strength as they worked for change in the civil rights struggle. Author Kelly Clark teaches at Harvey Milk Civil Rights Academy.
Reframing the Civil Rights Movement
In this unit, students will debunk traditional misconceptions of the civil rights movement, better reframed as the African-American freedom struggle. Students will understand that the movement in the 50s was part of a longer freedom struggle, that it was interracially supported, and that its success was due to the contributions of ordinary people, not just its leaders. Author Miroslaba Velo teaches at Tennyson High School.
Civil Rights and Labor: Joint Struggles for Justice
This unit will help students identify similarities between the labor movement and the African-American freedom struggle or civil rights movement. Students will also understand Dr. King’s role in the labor movement. Author Corinne Geballe now teaches at Woodin School in Washington state. She taught at Green Oaks Academy in East Palo Alto, CA when she wrote this unit.
Stepping into the Picture of the Selma to Montgomery March
This unit uses the “Stepping into the Picture” teaching strategy to help students learn about the events that occurred before, during, and after the Selma to Montgomery March for voting rights. Author Renee Semik teaches at Santa Monica High School in Southern California.
King and the African-American Freedom Struggle
In this unit, students study the contributions of Dr. King and other major figures to the civil rights movement, also known as the African-American freedom struggle, and use what they learn to define how he should be remembered. Author Risha Krishna teaches at Mission San Jose High School.
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