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King Online Encyclopedia
Search here for information on over 1000 civil rights movement figures, events and organizations; a chronology of the movement, and full-text documents published online.
Online King Records Access (OKRA)
The Online King Records Access (OKRA) database provides easily searchable access to information on thousands of speeches, sermons, letters, and other historic documents by and about Martin Luther King, Jr.!
About Martin Luther King, Jr.
Read a biographical essay on Martin Luther King, Jr., prepared by King Institute director Clayborne Carson and the Institute staff, extensively cross-referenced with links to the King Online Encyclopedia.
Martin Luther King, Jr., Letter from Birmingham Jail, 16 April 1963
King writes an impassioned defense to eight clergymen critical of his involvement in the Birmingham Campaign and calls for the church to support the movement.
Stride Toward Freedom
King's first book gives an account of the 381-day Montgomery Bus Boycott and nonviolence's role in it.
Strength to Love
King's published book of sermons serves as a concrete testament to his lifelong commitment toward the social gospel.
Why We Can’t Wait
King tells the momentous story of African American activism in Spring/Summer 1963.
Where Do We Go From Here
King's final book reflects on the state of the movement after a decade of struggle, assessing both Black Power and the still-present racism in the country.
King Bibliography
The Bibliography contains books about King's life, his connection with the larger movement, and books aimed specifically for children.
King Quotes on War and Peace
Quotes taken from the speeches and publications of Martin Luther King, Jr.
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